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14 Brilliant Success Tips You Need To Make It In Africa (+ Audio)

January 05, 2018

 1. Never let anyone tell you that because you are African you can’t do anything. The very essence of you being African means that you can get out there and achieve. – Farai Mubaiwa

 2. Just find a problem to solve. Get up every morning and make it your life’s mission to solve a problem. – Gossy Ukanwoke

 3. Set a vision for yourself and whatever you start will be a conduit for that vision. – Taa Wongbe

  1. 4. Just do it! Nothing can prepare you for the market in Africa, no amount of market research will beat being on the ground, engaging the people and building something. – Mahmud Johnson
  1. 5. Petit á petit l’oiseau fait son nid. (literal translation – “little by little, the bird makes its nest).
  2. Have your heart at home and take little steps to do something starting from where you are. – Ange Muyubiwa
  1. 6. See yourself as an African investor instead of just sending money back home.
  2. Change your mindset, get informed, get the knowledge and skills that will enable you to act like the investor that you are. – Steve Odhiambo
  1. 7. Always be competent, always put your best foot forward, and always act professionally.
  2. Yasmin Belo-Osagie
  1. 8. Be humble, start small, and take your time to analyze the environmentUnderstand the context of the country you want to work in. – Christian Ngan
  1. 9. No better way to know than to see for yourself. Put yourself out there and learn by doing. – Tessy Cherono Maritim
  1. 10. Don’t Assume.
  2. Don’t assume that the market would need something just because it is not on the market yet. Do your research. – George Ogunbande
  1. 11. Look at where you come from and find out how you can impact the community for the better, then go and offer solutions. You don’t have to be born in Africa but Africa has to be born in you. – James Woods
  1. 12. Respect. The way you deal with people should be from a place of respect. Self-respect, others-respect, and dignity. – Neva Mwiti-Read
  1. 13. Have a vision, have a plan for that vision, and then you have to act. Because Africa is a tough place to work in, you have to understand the terrain and believe in people. – Taa Wongbe
  1. 14. Do Something!
  2. No matter how small it is, it is going to help to push the needle. You are alive so you count. As long as you have Africa at heart, do something. – John Iwuoha




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