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034: Building His Company To Become An Icon In Africa | Socrates Carvalho

April 09, 2018

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Sócrates Carvalho best known as Sucá, very known name in the islands of Cape Verde and Diaspora where there is a Cape Verdean community. Sócrates Carvalho has been an icon of society for positivity that his name has been ingrained, encouraging young people not to depend on the government but to achieve their own job and success. He is an example of young entrepreneurship, through their brand SIGUI SABURA.

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In 2013 he resolved to abandon fixed employment, and together with 2 more partners start the dream of creating a company of events in Cape Verde and organizing events (parties and festivals) never done before in Cape Verde.   After 4 years of existence the company managed to reach the Icon of events in Cape Verde becoming one of the most popular CV companies. In a few years they managed to cover all the islands of Cape Verde and Diaspora.   He has been given several invitations made by the universities to conduct lectures to marketing and business students to share experiences lived as an enterpreneur up to this moment. He was invited as the guest speaker at the startup grind in 2017 with the title the case of success



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