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031: Creating wealth in one of Canada’s poorest Black boroughs | Frantz Saintellemy

February 27, 2018


Frantz Saintellemy started as an immigrant kid from Haiti, who couldn’t speak English or French, worked his way to making millions of dollars and is now helping other black entrepreneurs make their vision possible.

He is the founder of three companies (Q-Links Inc., OMNI Global and SMGT Inc.) and a co-founder of six others (Réno-Metrix, iWeartech, BisB Mag, V Kosmetik, Pyraable Inc. and Capital Plus).


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In this Episode:

His story:

– Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Philanthropist

– He is all about knowledge transfer and wealth creation

– Creating an environment where young people can aspire to become entrepreneurs

– Creating an environment that is conducive to vision, not dreams.

He founded Groupe 3737 is in a black neighborhood, in St. Michel, northeast of Montreal, the third poorest borough in Canada. It has become the largest private incubator in Quebec. He talks about the process that went into establishing the successful hub. Its purpose is to educate and develop primarily black businesses

Sending a message that “your beginning doesn’t have to define where you end.”

They have launched more than 40 businesses and trained more than 300 entrepreneurs and invested more than 12 million dollars since opening in 2012.

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Don’t miss the incredible story about how he has inspired pride in that poor community of Saint-Michel.

He shares his recipe for success.

He talks about how he sees the value that he is adding to the world.

– we were born to this world naked and we will leave naked

– how his upbringing in Haiti has shaped his life and his drive to help others.

He shares the biggest challenges he has faced so far in his business.

– how he overcomes the barriers of name and skin color and people’s perceptions of Africa and Haiti.

One advice that he will give to young Africans trying to add value to their communities. -Be a global conquerer.

Final question: If you had ten thousand Africans at your disposal with expertise in every field, what would you do? – His answer will inspire you.

Favorite book:  The Innovator’s Dilemma

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