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028: How She Is Helping Millennials Take On Tough Conversations | Ashley Akunna

January 29, 2018

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Today’s guest is Ashley Akuna, Host & Producer of The GrapeVine show.

Hailing from Maplewood, NJ, by way of San Antonio, Texas, by way of Nigeria, Ashley Akunna has always had a keen interest in the visual medium of storytelling. After completing her degree in Film at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she created The Grapevine to address the unique perspective of millennials such as herself. She is a creative, who strongly believes in the power of fantasy and dancing in the mirror by yourself.

In this episode:

– Host and Exec producer of the panel-style talk show, The Grapevine on youtube. Talking about current buzz and relevant topics affecting millennials.

– She shares her inspiration for creating the show to take the hostile discussions outside of the social media realm to actual face-to-face conversations around hard topics.

– She also recently visited back home in Nigeria so she shared the experience there.

– We talk about how her work and content adds value to millennials. She is changing the narrative and speaking to the millennial mindset. Having conversations that engage the audience and provides a fresh perspective every time.

– She talks about her challenge of being a self-funded creative working in New York.

– Ashley talks about what drives her to continue her push through The Grapevine and other projects, through the hard times.

– She shares the one advice that she will give to people who want to start something original or add value to their communities – Don’t procrastinate – Don’t spend all your time trying to figure out how others did it, just get started.

– If she had ten thousand Africans at her disposal, what would she do? You don’t want to miss this answer.

Rapid Fire:

Favorite book: Flowers in the attic

Bob Marley or Fela Kuti

Favorite Nigerian food

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