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026: How To Run A Profitable Tech Business In Africa | Yemi Johnson

January 15, 2018


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Our guest today started life as a poultry farmer with no knowledge or background in technology. But because of curiosity, he found all the right ways to teach himself and using that knowledge to start his own small tech company before going on to work for what is now the premier online hotel booking service in Nigeria,  His name is Yemi Johnson.


You cannot come and create a new market in Africa. It is hard! @yemi_uc #Africa #business #newmarkets Click To Tweet list over 10,000 hotels in Nigeria alone and 27, 000 across Africa. It has grown to be on of the profitable tech companies in the tech scene with Yemi as Chief Operating Officer and after listening to this interview you will see why. He is a practical guy who helps us understand what it takes to run a profitable tech business in Africa.


IdeasIdeas are a dime a dozen, your idea doesn't mean anything. It is about how you execute. @yemi_uc #executioniseverything #Africa #entrepreneurship Click To Tweet


In this episode:

  • He shares his journey of how he went from poultry farming to
  • He gives tips and practical advice on how to run a profitable tech company in Africa. The right approach, he says, it to start with Validating the market, Understand your acquisition channels, before creating a product.
  • He explains how managed to become profitable in a tech scene when many companies burn through cash and die out before ever seeing profitability.
  • He shares a story about costumers trying to scam them as the biggest challenges he has faced in business.
  • Advice to young Africans: Try to do the hard things to be better every day, create value within yourself, and then transfer that value by building the capacity in others.
  • He also answers our hallmark question: If you had ten thousand Africans at your disposal, with expertise in every field, what would you do.

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Plantain or Suya and Zuckerberg vs Dangote

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Twitter: @yemi_uc

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