Season 2,
20 MIN

025: How These Entrepreneurs Are Helping Black Millennials Travel Better

January 08, 2018

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Randi and Alishia are two entrepreneurs trying to make traveling less of a hassle or shock for black millennials in a world where travel agencies do not cater to this demographic. Their business is called We Go Too, and they run the website and Instagram page that have attracted thousands of followers.

In this episode:

  • They share how they met 6 years ago on a teaching trip to the Dominican Republic, and the idea for the business was born.
  • How they are adding value to some black millennials who previously thought traveling wasn’t accessible to them.
  • They share the biggest challenges in running their business
  • What drives them to continue doing what they do and continuing to build their business.
  • More African Americans are traveling and visiting Africa
  • Advice for young Africans looking to add value to their community.
  • They answer the final question: If you had ten thousand Africans at your disposal, with expertise in every field, what would you do?

Alishia’s Favorite book: The Four Agreements


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