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023: Why Africa Needs Social Enterprises & No More Non-Profits | Taa Wongbe

December 11, 2017

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After returning to Liberia, in 2007, for the first time since fleeing the country to become a refugee in Guinea, Côte D’Ivoire and then the United States several years later, he quickly discovered the gaps in the development activities in the country. While many programs were being implemented with great intentions, they lacked local context. These gaps led to programs failure or limited impact.

Having experienced the devastation of the civil war and seeing and living in poverty, Taa developed a passion for development, especially empowering youth and women. This led him to co-found The Khana Group with a focus on positively transforming and impacting lives through programs and systems strengthening. TKG achieve this through conducting research and evaluations to inform programming decisions.

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In this episode:

  • About his funny & eye-opening experience that sparked the idea for his company, The Khana Group
  • Answering the question “How could you have done it better?” has been the driver for informing program decisions for organizations to have maximum quality impact
  • How they are collecting the informational data in the data-strived continent to tell the stories that change lives
  • What entrepreneurs and potential investors should be looking at in the future of Africa
  • Why you should not start another not-for-profit in Africa
  • Practical advice for entrepreneurial & life success

Rapid-fire questions: Favorite Liberian food; Obama or Mandela

One book that Taa Wongbe recommends: Primal Leadership: Unleashing the power of emotional intelligence

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  1. Rev. Hananiah Zoe says:

    Thank you for creating and hosting this life transformational and informational “Change Agency.” Your show is not just another talk show. It shares strategic information, it also explores and induces contextually relevant innovation.

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