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022: How Young People Will Change The Narrative Of Africa | Farai Mubaiwa

December 04, 2017

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After seeing the difference in how the world reacted to two major terror events that occurred in the same week in 2014, the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the Boko Haram Baga attacks, she realized that something had to change.

Farai Mubaiwa, with co-founder Reanne Olivier, knew that if Africa were to mean anything to the rest of the world, the continent first has to matter to young Africans. So she has dedicated herself to changing the African narrative and the mindset of our youth. This led them to start Africa Matters Initiative

In this episode: 

– Why Africa matters

– How they are changing the narrative by impacting the youth

– How young people can take responsibility and be active citizens

– Strategies they use to get youth to see themselves as leaders

– Her message about self-love, acquiring African knowledge, and stop waiting (everyone needs to hear this)

– How you can get involved with Africa Matters

One book she will recommend:

How China Escaped the Poverty Trap

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