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020: To Transform Education in Africa, Start With Teachers | Hakeem Subair

November 27, 2017

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Moving to Canada after being in the Nigerian education system and looking at the current state of education in Africa, Hakeem knew there had to be a better way.
He brought the right people together and set out on an audacious goal of training one million teachers in the first year alone and transforming teachers into lifelong learners. With his passion for educational transformation in Africa, he is changing education, changing the lives of students, one teacher at a time.

In this Episode:

– What’s the big deal with 1 Million Teachers

– Where the spark came from for 1MT & the focus on teachers

– Addressing the real issues with teaching in Africa; giving teachers the tools to make kids better

– Rewarding teachers for lifelong learning & personal responsibility

– The most entrepreneurial way to work around to slow existing systems

– How you can partner with 1 Million Teachers.

One book he will recommend:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

About Hakeem Subair

Hakeem holds a Master’s Degree in Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Canada. He also has a Certificate in Social Impact from the Centre for Social Impact at the same university.

Upon completing the NYSC, Hakeem began his career in banking, first as a Credit Analyst at Omegabank Plc. He is the pioneer branch manager of the Guaranty Trust Branch in Osogbo. He has worked in several other organizations such as Oceanic Bank, Intercontinental Bank. He helped set up and ran KJL Microfinance Bank Limited before relocating to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program of the Canadian Government.
Beyond his training and work in investment banking, retail banking, microfinance, and business strategy, Hakeem has consulted for several businesses, designed and facilitated numerous training programs. His passion for human capacity development has been the driving force behind his participation in various community development activities.

Hakeem’s current role as founder and CEO of 1 Million Teachers where shaped by his
passion for applying business principles to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet. A passion that grew out of providing more than just financing to businesses but giving them the tools to enhance their success. A passion that grew into a love for giving children the best chance of reaching their full potentials, and increasing the capacity of teachers to help their students to do so.

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