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About Us

Jaydee Tarpeh

Founder & Host

Jaydee Tarpeh here! I am founder & host of Ten Thousand Africans podcast, where I interview black achievers and try to bridge the gap between black people across the world. I am the owner of Afrospaces  (www.afrospaces.com), a Yelp-like website for black-owned businesses, and I also run a blog on my personal website  www.jaydeetarpeh.com.

Ten Thousand Africans’ Vision

What we see on the horizon and the people who are leading the way there

Ten Thousand Africans is born out of the belief that Africa is at the tipping point where it can rise to its true great potential in this generation. We want to show that the youth are the present and future of the continent because there are people who are already making the right moves.

The People

Those who have their minds and heart set on building tomorrow’s Africa

The people that are interviewed and the folks who listen share our belief that Africa is a land of opportunity. So we share our stories with a hope to inspire other youth to consider taking the first steps towards adding value to their various nations and the African continent as a whole.

The Challenge

Lastly, we want to challenge the established narrative that is told about the continent, that then projects a certain image onto Africans, on the continent and in the diaspora alike.

If you consider how many Africans in the diaspora are doing amazing things in business, entrepreneurship, non-profit, arts, medicine, law, etc. you realize that there is enough knowledge and resources out there to improve life on the continent in this generation.

On this podcast, we share the stories of young people (entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, writers, contributors) who are actively contributing value to the African continent as a way of empowering one another.

This website and the podcast is the platform that use to bring to you the stories of these incredible trailblazers. It takes a lot of sacrifice for these individuals to take that first step, so I hope that we appreciate it and that they inspire us.

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